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What is Flashing a Cell Phone?

Can I use my Sprint phone for nTelos?

The answer to this question is YES! The secret to using your favorite Sprint phone for nTelos is a method called flashing.

Flashing? What’s that?

Flashing is an amazing method that, put simply, is when you modify a phone with one carrier so it is able to be used with another carrier (CDMA based phones only (Verizon & Sprint).

What can flashing do for me?

With flashing you can take your favorite phone such as an Evo Htc 4g and let it have the ability to be fully functional on nTelos. You will have full talk, text, and web (email) without the expensive contract price and long term commitment. Here at Redial we offer flashing as a service and back our work to guarantee that the job is done correctly the first time. Come give us a visit and see what we can offer you, and if you have any questions open up our chat service and ask away.

Pre-Paid Services

Here at Redial, we don’t believe in paying those insane contract prices on your cell phone bill. Our philosophy is that your phone bill should be as simple as possible, and due to this mindset, we offer several pre paid services here at our store in Virginia Beach, VA. We offer… Simple Mobile (GSM) – Use your T-Mobile or Unlocked AT&T phone on a Nation Wide 3G/4G Network with Unlimited Talk, Text and Data for only $40 a month. Red Pocket (GSM) – Use your AT&T or Unlock T-Mobile phone on a Nation Wide 3G/4G Network, with Unlimited Talk and Text, and 3GB of Data for only $59.99 a month. Got an iPhone locked on iOS5? This is the plan for you. No worrying about unlocking, just slap the SIM card in there, and you’re good to go. Frawg (CDMA) – Use any Sprint or Verizon phone (Few Exceptions) on a Nation Wide 3G Network, with unlimited Talk, Text and Web for only $45 a month. Try and beat that. We dare you.

Cell Phones

Why should you be locked into another two year contract, just to get a new phone? This was our reasoning for this business. Stop worrying about contracts, start getting awesome phones, and don’t pay full retail. We have been open for about two years, and are one of the more prominent names in CDMA Flashing in the Hampton Roads. We are one of the only places in the area that are flashing to the nTelos service, with full web and MMS (Picture Messaging) working 100%. We also deal with cell phones from other carriers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint.


We Buy, Sell, Trade Cell Phones

used cell phones for saleRedial is ALWAYS Buying Selling and Trading Cell Phones for all most* networks. Our Selection includes over 100 Phones for all carriers.

All phones include a charger, and are warranted for 14 days from purchase.

Sprint and Verizon phones are guaranteed CLEAN ESNs. Any phone advertised as nTelos, has been completely flashed, and we will activate on the spot for you.

We Are ALWAYS paying cash for your unwanted working phones*. We pay the highest margin of anyone in town!

Don’t have chargers? For most phones that’s OK! Bring ’em down!

*We’re sorry we no longer buy or sell Boost or Virgin Mobile phones.

CellPhone Repairs!!!!

Redial is new into the repair business but with this being said we do every repair with the full intent to give our customers the best peace of mind that the repair will be done right. We have some of the best prices in the Hampton Roads area. We pride ourselves on quality work and a quick turn around time. We have no hidden fees nor do we have fees for a diagnosis on a problem with the phone. The best thing is that we are straight forward and love to get straight to the problem so it is fixed as quickly as possible for our customers.

So if you’re interested in how we do repairs or have any questions please give us a call so we can answer any questions that you may have.


Lets turn this      



Into this               


Sell Us Your Phone!!! Best Price Given in Hampton Roads!!!!

Redial pays top dollar for your cellphone or tablet. This means no more switching carriers and wondering what to do with the previously-owned cell phone you have sitting in your drawer.

Let us turn that cell phone into CASH!!!

iphone 4 screen repair

Turn THIS…

Money for your used phone

Into THIS!

*We’re sorry we no longer buy or sell Boost or Virgin Mobile phones.